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When Results Matter.

When you are under pressure, take a seat at our table. We listen to what the numbers can’t tell us. We take the time to understand each stakeholder's perspective and goal. We consider your operational, technical and personal factors to create opportunities and an action plan.

We provide guidance in the following areas.

Small Business Restructuring

When you are involved in a small business you have countless demands on your time and resources. If financial stress is overlayed on top, the result can be overwhelming and paralysing. We help you regain control, protect the people involved, communicate with stakeholders, free up resources, unlock cash flow and reconfigure the business to succeed into the future. 

Safe Harbour

Stabilise and re-establish a position of strength via a Safe Harbour scenario. Safe Harbour is an avenue for directors of companies in financial difficulty to focus on turning their company around at the same time as protecting themselves from insolvent trading liability.  We work closely with your team, directing the interplay between opportunity and debt to help turn your financial situation around and reintroduce profit into the business. 

Voluntary Administration

We can help you protect jobs, pinpoint value and design a future for the organisation. When financial difficulty arises, the pressure and urgency to act can be overwhelming. The appointment of an administrator allows you breathing space, taking the liability for insolvent trading off the table and opening up restructuring your business for ongoing success. As administrators we work with you to identify the value within your commercial endeavours and develop a plan to see returns once more. 


We appreciate that commercial success depends on risk and at times those risks don’t pay off. When the need arises to wind up your commercial endeavours, we can take the weight off your shoulders. When there is uncertainty, we take decisive action utilising both technical expertise and an understanding of the position of the parties involved to swiftly conclude matters. We prioritise communication, effectively and efficiently leading companies to maximise returns to creditors. 


We appreciate the competing demands on your time. Let us recover value on your behalf. We've had the privilege of assisting every major financial institution in Australia as well as numerous private lenders to secure their assets and recover the maximum returns in distressed scenarios. In addition to a deep knowledge of the formal process, we manage reputational cost, cash flow constraints and other risks.

Personal Insolvency

We are here when you are ready to talk. When your personal finances are under duress a clear plan and swift action can bring comfort, alleviate pressure and create a path forward. We are experts at managing personal insolvency scenarios, from formal bankruptcy and personal insolvency agreements to informal arrangements. We recover assets, liaise with your creditors and undertake restructures with tact and respect.


Restructuring your business provides financial benefits, limits your personal liabilities, unlocks resources and establishes the best platform for commercial opportunities. We analyse the strategic, financial and operational position of the company and guide you through the actions required to build a robust business. Work with us to uncover commercial opportunities for your organisation.

Expert Reports

Whether you have begun, received or contemplated a legal proceeding, our experts have the experience to advise, prepare formal reports as to solvency or economic loss and give evidence in the Supreme and Federal Courts. Our hands on experts see it through and won’t delegate important tasks.

Corporate Streamlining

A company that no longer serves the needs of its members, is redundant or dormant, may be wound up through a Members Voluntary Liquidation Process.   Whether a wind down of a solvent company’s affairs includes a business sale, closure of operations, realisation of assets, settling of creditor claims or a distribution of surplus assets, our experts can assist organisations of any size streamline and simplify their organisational structure so that they can be fit for purpose for both today and tomorrow.